Canadian mother goose with little ducks by her side near the waterCanadian baby geese by the waterFemale goose nesting by the waterCanadian Geese and her babies-Stock PhotosSinging sparrow on a branchClose-up of a singing sparrow at a bird feederSinging sparrow on a branch with a green blurry background-StockSinging sparrow on a branch with a green blurry background-Stock PhotosLittle sparrow hidingSwamp sparrow on a fenceWhite crown sparrow on a branchMallard female duck on a river-Stock PhotosMallard male duck on a river-Stock PhotosCouple of mallard ducks on the river in winterPelican bird flying over the ocean in the CaribbeansGreat Heron standing in the blue waterSeagull flying over water with his reflection in the waterSeagull flying over waterSeagull and the coconut-Stock PhotosSeagull and the coconut-2-Stock Photos