CELINE BISSON PHOTOS | Almost like paintings

Original pictures modified to look like paintings... to give just a special look.

All pictures were taken by Celine Bisson Photos also known as Cebo Creations
Couple of Mallard ducks in the pondYoung Canadian Geese on the waterIguana on a branchWhite Arctic wolf sticking his tongueTwo goats in a fieldYoung colt and his motherYoung colt and his mother in a green pasture.donkey near a scrapped jeepLittle baby duckBlack cat on a pile of woodThree cats, tabby relaxing on a chairLittle kitten coming out of the bushThe Two Pitons in Sainte-LuciaReproduction of the Piton mountains in Saint-LuciaMountains of TortolaA beautiful fountain in paradiseGreek arches in paradiseStraw market of the CaribbeansCoastline in San Juan, Puerto RicoQuiet street of San Juan