A mix and match of different things that may be useful for any projects, from wedding invitation to background.
Old and rusty fishing boat anchored in the CaribbeansRailroad tracks passing in the middle of the forestRailroad sign with red lights in the countryGarlic cloves attached togetherDecorative corn on a cobFisherman boat on the water by the railroad bridgeRelaxing double swing by the sea with a beautiful landscape-stock photosBeautiful red gooseberriesLot of lobster cages by the seaLot of lobster cages by the seainukshuk, native sculpture made of stones left on the shoreDouble swing by the seaGlass of champagne in front of aircraft windowPool reflecting in a lady's sunglasses-stock photosPool reflecting in a lady's sunglasses facing the camera-stock photosClose up of high voltage power lines on a sunny day with blue sky and white cloudsLong bridge with wood sidings giving a symmetrical look-stock photosClose up of Pink paper flower - BackgroundClose up of Salad in a colorful bowlFisherman in a boat