People from around the world. Pictures taken by Celine Bisson Photos also known as Cebo Creations.
Native American woman sitting on a rock near the rapidsNative American woman taking picture of rapids in the middle of the woodsMan by the water getting ready to filmMan filming the streamCouple looking at a foggy sceneryAlone on the beach at low tidePhotographer by the water taking a pictureMan by the water getting ready to filmMan relaxing by the rapidsLovers sitting on a rock looking at the relaxing and foggy sceneryKayaking on the water surrounded by mountainsWoman walking by the shore at low tide on a very foggy dayCouple in the forties, tenderly relaxing on a bench in Paris-Stock PhotosPeople relaxing by the Seine in Paris on a hot a sunny day-Stock PhotosPool reflecting in a lady's sunglasses-stock photosPool reflecting in a lady's sunglasses facing the camera-stock photosYoung woman laying in Paris after a long day of walking-stock photosSomeone sitting alone on a bench in the park-Stock photosMan by the poolBeautiful young woman in Rome