Animals from the farm or domestic like cats, horses, chicken, frogs.
Tabby cat sitting and looking straight at the camera with piercing green eyesBeautiful domestic tabby cat, with big green eyes-Stock PhotosTabby wild cat drinking water in the bird bathLittle Taby kitten relaxing on a piece of wood.Close-up of a Taby cat looking straight at the camera.Black cat on a patio bench, looking at the camera in the FallThree little taby cats relaxing outside on a pile of woods.Little Taby kitten yawning on a patio chair.Blackhorse looking at camera-Tiff photosButterscotch and beige horse looking at camera-tiffMare and foal. Horses grazing in paddockButterscotch foal stands in paddock with mother-TIFFColt laying in grass and Mare standing-TIFFWhite and caramel colored cows relaxing in the meadow on a sunny dayCows relaxing in the fieldDark brown horse in paddock-TIFFGroup of horses in a field-TIFFLittle tabby cat with piercing green eye